Stallion Sessions


Let's get started photographing your pride and joy!

This session is designed with stallion owners in mind, specifically to show off your prize stallion(s)!

The value of quality, professional photographs of your stallion is immeasurable in regards to marketing and promoting your stallion. The finished product reveals to prospective mare owners and potential customers that you believe in him and you are willing to invest in making his future successful! Professional photos of your stallion, effectively highlight his conformation, production and performance accolades, and thus can be considered an investment in marketing and can potentially increase the interest in his breeding book and offspring which ultimately leads to creation of more foals, income and a greater chance at creating a legend!

Take the next step! Contact us to schedule your appointment today and show the world that you think your stallion is worth investing in and they should too!  

Is this your first time getting your stallion photographed? No problem, we got your back! Check out the frequently asked questions by clicking the link below and begin preparing for your photo shoot today!

Discipline/Life Style Sessions


The best part about great memories is getting to share them with others! What better way than with great photographs? Contact us today to get started on scheduling your Lifestyle/Discipline session!

It's your special day! This day has been a long time coming! You want to show the world the work and effort you've put forth, the passion that drives you and hopefully the results you've always dreamt of! We understand and we've created this package just for you!

Whether we capture you behind the scenes at the race track as you prep for the race of your dreams with that horse of lifetime and finish up by shooting your celebration in the winners circle. Or we photograph you while you prep your barrel horse and lay down that dream run 2D'ing the rest of the field at the futurity you've always dreamt of winning, we've got you! 

But what if you're not to that stage yet? Not to worry! We can take photographs that document and reveal the hard work, dedication and perseverance you put forth everyday while climbing up the ranks! We can come on site and photograph you as you work and ride all day long! Use those photographs on your website and social media accounts to attract potential customers and build your social profile!

We're not naive, we know several large equine events have restrictions against photographers on site who are not hired by the event itself. We wouldn't think of crossing the line and disrespecting other photographers or the associations hosting the events. However, not all events are this way and we are happy to work with our customers, events and other photographers to find mutually beneficial solutions and/or events that allow us to carry out your dream session!

If this is your first life style or discipline photo shoot, not to worry! We are always happy to answer any questions you may have and have put together a frequently asked questions sheet for you to browse in preparation for your session! Simply click the link below!


Portrait Sessions


For true equestrians, cowboys and cowgirls, horses are not just animals, but are partners, family and they are a huge part of your life! We get it! Let us photograph your portraits as you pose with your trusty steed through all walks of life! From prom dresses to wedding dresses, from maternity shots to baby's first photo's, we got ya covered! Maybe you just want that punchy photo shoot to show all your pretty ponies off to the gals at the office? We can help you do that too!

Portrait photography is a fantastic way to capture the indescribable bond between you and your mount! We work hard to capture both you and your beautiful partner in the best light possible! Isn't it time you prove to all your friends that your trusty steed really is as stunning as you say he/she is? Contact us today to get started scheduling your portrait session!

Is this your first portrait session? Not a problem! We've compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions for your to review prior to your sessions. They will allow you to prepare properly and put your mind at ease! Simply click below to get started! 

Here at Double M Photography, we don't look at professional photographs as short term expenses but rather long-term investments!